Match 'N Mix Makeup

I have violated the cardinal rule of skin care, that being one must never, under any cirucumstances, mix product. Mary Kay reps through the ages have warned us our faces will either melt or explode if--God forbid--you use a MK facial cleanser but follow up with Oil of Olay.

I say, no more! A few weeks ago I was getting low on Arbonne, my skin care line of choice at the moment. But instead of ordering more, I decided I would use all the mini-sample products I've accumulated over the years. So for the past few weeks I've been washing my face with Arbonne while using Mary Kay undereye cream and moisturizing with Estee Lauder. I used Clinique to remove my eye makeup and some no name "prevents sagging" product on my neck. And you know what? I haven't noticed any difference at all.

That's right. My face has not melted or errupted in skin discoloration. I'll go back to using a single product line eventually. But it's nice to save a few bucks and clear out a bathroom drawer at the same time. And I have a certain "rebel" satisfaction in having gone against the wisdom of the ages. So bite it, you $40-for-an-ounce-of-wrinkle cream-reps. I, for one, am sick of the game. (At least until wrinkles appear. Then I'll pay any price you ask, please and thank you.)