Merry Christmas, Everyone

Blair and I watched A Christmas Story last night so it's now officially the holidays. To make up for overconsumption of gas yesterday, I have not left the house once today. Instead, I did prep work for tomorrow's vegetarian feast. Garlic has been roasted, walnuts toasted, and I fried up a batch of shallots. (Dear Shallot Recipe Instruction Person: 2-4 minutes in oil my ass. Try 7.) In a few moments I'll start on the hour's worth of cooking time for the mushroom strata filling.

Blair, meanwhile, is upstairs editing this year's Marathon Video. This will be year three Blair has put motion and music to the marathon experience. If I get industrious, I will upload all 3 to YOUtube. 

I've spent most of the day transferring my office to the newly renovated downstairs bedroom. Only it's no longer the guestroom and it's NOT an office. It's a writing room and will be referred to as such. Actually, I'm dividing the room so half is the "creative" area and half is the "why don't you earn some money" area. Pictures coming soon.

Before I sign off, a word to wise: Wine and Rice Krispie Treats... don't do it. 

Lucy & Olivia want to wish all my blog readers a MROWRY CHRISTMAS and Blair and I hope Santa visits you each tonight and fills your head with sweet dreams, your eyes with stars, and your homes with love.

Merry Christmas!!