A Very Kitty Christmas

Today's Blog Entry comes to us courtesy of Lucy_Cat:

Santa came! While he didn't bring me the reindeer I asked for--I would LOVE my own reindeer--he was very good to me and my sister Olivia. We got fleece blankets, a purr pad (why do I need that when I have a perfectly good sofa to claw?), a 5 pack of colorful mini-mice, new laser tag (yes!), yarn balls with rattle, salmon snacks (there goes my diet) and best of all... bobble chicks. I'm also quite pleased with the amount of wrapping paper I got this year and spent the first 10 minutes of Christmas ignoring my gifts and frolicking in Santa wrap, instead.

Since mom and dad went camera happy, I thought I might as well share some of our Christmas photos. Mrow-ry Christmas everyone!

Mantle where Santa left our giftsOlivia


Bobble Chick


Mrow-ry Christmas, Everyone!