Couples Yoga

In honor of Valentines Day, my yoga instructor held a partners-yoga class. Four of us begged and badgered our husbands into attending. It was fun. Even the men who were hesitant about attending ending up enjoying themselves. 

We did a number of simple poses that required leaning against your partner as a prop. The best part was being instructed in Thai massage. This involves a gentle pulling and lengthening of the muscles. Blair had me in stitches. As I would pull on a leg or arm, he'd be mouthing the words, "Help me."

He did well, though. As the youngest man there, he was also the most flexible.

My body seems to be on some sort of protest or strike this week. My left hand feels arthritic and swollen and I've got an unexplained pain in the arch of my left foot. My right hamstring has been growing steadily tighter over the past 6 months and is just now starting to pinch even when I'm just sitting or standing. It will probably need looked at sometime soon. Olivia bit my right index finger yesterday, drawing blood (she was aiming for the comb, missed and got me) and I woke up this morning with a huge crick/pinched neck, again on my left side.

"That's what running and yoga and eating healthy will get you," Blair informed me. "Look at me. I ate a bag of Tostitos last night for dinner and I feel great."

Smart alec. No more Thai massage for him. =)