Tri-board Hell

For someone who is supposed to be a creative spirit, I have an unusually high loathing for experimentation and originality. At least when it comes to tri-boards. In a moment of insanity, I agreed to create a tri-board for my advanced Toastmasters group. I agreed to this knowing full well I would sit, stumped, staring at a blank tri-board for days on end, wondering what on earth one does with them to make them appealing.

So here I am, stumped, staring at my Office Depot tri board. In a half-hearted attempt at creativity, I have printed  text from a brochure onto brightly colored paper and placed that on the tri board. In a burst of all out creativity, I then made little Q&A text blocks that, after printing, I cut into funky shapes and scattered across the board. The overall effect is reminiscent of an elementary school teacher's best attempt to make a cheerful board for students while stoned out of her mind on cold medication.

I am so uncreative when it comes to things like this that it's embarrassing. Thank God I don't have kids and can spare my offspring the humiliation of having to bring their lame-o parent-assisted art to class.

I've spent more time on free clip art sites today than I ever care to repeat and still didn't find crap. As far as I can tell, the clip art sites don't actually exist but are instead a linked tunnel of never-ending pop-up messages.

Curses on free clip art and curses on tri-boards. And curses on my warm and generous spirit that made me agree to participate in this monstrosity against good taste in the first place.