I Caught The Crud

Well. This weekend was not anything close to what I had planned. I came down late Friday night with this flu/cold crud that has been going around town and that I have been feeling smug about avoiding. Careful about that smugness--God will get you.

I spent all--and I do mean all-weekend in bed. Slept about 17 hours/day, waking up long enough only to do a shot of Nyquil (the nectar of the Gods when you're sick) and fall back into a coma. Olivia stayed with me almost the entire time. She "log-walked" on me. Meaning I'd start out on my back, with her on my stomach. I'd roll to the side and she 'd sidestep so as not to fall off me and then stayed on my hip. Same when I flipped to my stomach and she slept on my back.  Very comforting.

I feel...okay...today. Still not great. Hard to tell if it's sickness related or if my body has just collapsed from 2 full days of non-movement. I'm so stiff and sore I can't stand it. I'm going to try a walk outside later today, just to breath fresh air and move.

Blair was very sweet, running all the errands, cooking and cleaning while I slept. It almost makes up for the fact that while I was awake he followed me anxiously around the house with a can of Lysol, dousing everything I touched or might have touched with a heavy dose. (He's a wee bit concerned about not coming down sick himself.)

I have a ton of work staring me in the face and about 80 e-mails that need replied to.  How on earth do you people with children manage when you're sick? That thought occurred to me as I woke up between my 16th and 17th hour of sleep and then rolled back over and started snoring. I can't imagine feeling like I did and having to deal with getting little ones to bed and, oh I don't know, feeding them and such. Kudos to all parents reading this today.