Nothing is New, Thanks for Asking

Last month my best friend went on a one-week trip to Mexico. She called me when she got back and filled me in on the fun and hijinks of her trip. "So," she said after telling me about her week, "What's new with you?"


Nothing is new with me. Ever. That used to bother me. Surely something should happen in the course of daily life. Something of some interest or humor or significance. But I rack my brain on how to answer this question and can come up with little more than the cute new thing the cat is doing and which--I'm well aware--most people don't want to hear about.

I've recently come to appreciate "nothing" though. Two of my friends are heading into what look to be brutal, knock-down, drag out divorces.  My sister is dealing with two sick kids while being sick herself. One friend is freaking out while trying to work and homeschool her daughter. Another friend is terrified a business venture she entered is not going to pay off and she and her husband have thrown almost all of their money (including their home mortgage) into it...

Thank you, but I'm happy to take "nothing" in lieu of the alternatives. Friends and family tease that Blair and I are the most stable (read: boring) couple around and it may be true. We're in bed by 10 on weeknights and 10:15 on weekends.  We don't go out drinking and dancing. We will probably be in our home until the day we die. (No one can claim to lose our mailing address. We're right where we've always been!). We prefer to see matinees and eat dinner early on Saturday nights to avoid the crowds. In essence... we are ready to join the blue-hairs who eagerly line up at the K&W counter at 4:30pm for dinner and get excited when the fish they like is on the menu. We are very, very close to being these people...

But that's okay. Our boring little life is good. We're in love, we've got fish and cats, good jobs, and good health. Lose touch with me for 6 months then call me up and ask what's new. "Nothing," I'll say.

And I'll be grateful for it.