Typical Sunday In Harris Household

Ever wish you could spy on other people and see how they live their lives? Here's a quick peek into a standard Harris Sunday:

6:10 AM: We purposefully do not inform the cats of the time change and the spoof works. We are allowed to sleep in until just after 6 before the clamoring for food begins.

6:20 AM: In preparation for the morning's run, I eat 2 pieces of toast with honey while Blair eats a bowl of Cream of Wheat.

7:15 AM: Leave the house laden with water supplies which I have volunteered to set out for the group.

7:30-- 7:45 AM: Set out water supplies at 3 different points on the 13 mile stretch we'll be running.

8 AM - Meet running group at parking lot. Eleven of us are there. We complain about the cold weather (30 degrees) then head out.

8 - 10 - Run, run, run.

10 - 10:45 - Group heads to Brueggers Bagels for hot coffee and carbs.

10:45 - 11:30 - Collect water supplies and head home.

11:30 - 2 - Clean house. Damn lot of cat hair is all I have to say.

2:30 - Eat lunch. Blair - Spaghettios. Me - Sandwich, yogurt, dark chocolate.

2:30 - 4 - Read Sunday paper.

4:30 - Decide that lunch didn't do it for me and instead of dinner proper, what I really want is to watch a movie and eat a bag of Doritos. Blair is not hard to convince to join my plan. He heads to the Dollar Store for Doritos while I pop in the final Matrix movie.

5 - 6:30 - Doritos and movie.

6:30 - 7:30 - Long overdue call to Mom to catch up. (Cute sidenote: She was playing "Garage" with my 4 year-old nephew and his toy cars. As he went to push a car out of the garage after being fixed, Mom said, "That will be $3." "Oh," said my nephew. "I only have one money.")

7:30 - 9 - I have no memory of this time period. Must have been doing something vital like filing my nails.

9 - 10 - Read in bed. Fall asleep as soon as lights are out.

Such is the exciting life of the Harris's. What did you do with your day?