Gettin' Girly

I'm not a girly-girl. My idea of a fun evening out NEVER involves having my hair and nails done, slipping on a ball gown, and wearing sparkly eye shadow. I hate shopping for clothes. I cave in to my husband's urging to wear comfortable versus stylish shoes.

Still. I go in stages where I have the urge to pretty myself up a bit. I'm entering one of these stages now. I know because I highlighted my hair on Wednesday. And while I was waiting for my stylist, I flipped through a beauty magazine and read with great interest how a few fake eyelashes at the outer corners of the eye can add drama and effect. I'm heading to CVS today to get me some of those. (Prepare for a forthcoming blog on how I had to call 911 to remove eyelash glue from my eyes.)

I went to a book signing last night for my friend and fellow GSO author, Quinn Dalton.  I found myself paying attention to what the women were wearing.  And the fact that most women had their nails done. I gave up on nail polish years ago. I do so much typing on the computer that I can't make a polish job last even a day. But I admit... I was feeling "less then" because my my poor little nails were naked.

I blame TV. Watch an old episode of "Friends" or "Desperate Housewives" and check out the $2000 outfits these women lay about the house in.  At the moment, I have the urge to hit the stores and buy new clothes so I can feel pretty sitting at my desk. However... is that really necessary? Does it make sense to pay $150 for a blouse and wear it around the house where likely no one will see it and--knowing me--there's a good chance I'll spill something on it during the course of the day?

But I'm in girl-mode. I want padded bras, matching silk underwear, new eye shadow combinations, chunky jewelry, oversized rings, high heels, glossy lips, extra-conditioned hair, skirts, floral prints, and six different ways of styling my hair. I want it... and I want it now.

This too shall pass, and I will return to my normal mode of jeans and my "dress up" pink t-shirt. And hopefully the phase will pass before I spend too much money. To begin, I'll satisfy myself with a little trip to the drugstore for eyelashes, eyelash glue, nail-polish, and maybe a new lip gloss. Just to lift the spirits.

Cheers to all women who have to do SO MUCH MORE CRAP THAN MEN to look good. =)