Phone Call

There is a conversation to be had today that I am dreading. I've been at odds with a magazine I write for about payment for some articles. Each of us has taken an opposing view of the situation and today at 5 we are to talk in a final attempt to resolve the matter.

I like everyone I'm dealing with. I just dislike conflict. I feel I am in the right, yet they hold the purse strings and so I see this as them holding more of the power.

I'm trying not to blow the conversation up in my mind before it's had. Maybe they're willing to concede and it will be a pleasant conversation. Maybe. My guess though, is that each side is ready to dig in their heels. I have a compromise position I'm willing to fall back on but I'm not adverse to walking away from the magazine and future assignments. However, I hope it doesn't come to that.

Meanwhile, it will be a long day until 5 pm.