2008 Owl's Roost Rumble 5k

 Got back a little while ago from running the Owl's Roost Rumble 5k plus. The "plus" is because a 5k is 3.1 miles and the course administrators admit to this being a 3.5 mile stretch.

Owl's Roost is a trail run--lots of dirt and roots and scrabbly rocks on hills. Much fun. I started out too fast and got a small side cramp around mile 2.5, but still managed to come in first in my age group. Won a bright red blanket embroidered with the Owl's Roost logo as a prize.

My biggest joy, however, was talking to a guy after the race that I had passed on the trail at the first hill. He said, "I watched you pass me and thought, 'She's done her hill work.'" Yea!! Tuesday nights spent sweating it out on a half-mile stretch of hill haven't been a waste of time, then.

I'm going to need that hill work come next Saturday. A few of my fellow runners have driven the GSO marathon course and their first words when describing it are, "it's hilly." Short hills, but just continual up/down, up/down. I've never run a long, hilly course so I'm not sure what to expect. We shall see.

And don't forget Saturday is Blair's inaugural half-marathon run! Send him good thoughts on Saturday! It kills me I won't be there to greet him at the finish line. Ill have to find someone and ask them to take photos.