Big Hair

Big Hair. I've got it. I walked with Blair to the library on Saturday and found (or if you believe in a higher power, "was led to") a book called Curly Girl: The Handbook. Tagline is "More than just's an attitude."

Well, it's something. After reading it, I have decided to give a go to freeing my curls. All my life, I have battled curly hair. My mom and my sister both have ramrod straight hair and I'm forever envious of silken tresses that fall easily into place, or can be combed back into a ponytail.

Not moi. If there's the smallest amount of moisture in the air I frizz up like a puffer fish under attack. But the frizz is so noticeable because I try my hardest to keep my hair smooth--straightening conditioners, blow drying, straight iron, hair wax.  I'm tired of it. Plus, given that I run 4-6 times per week and my hair becomes drenched, there is just zero chance of flat hair happening this summer. And my hair is at the point where it's actually long enough to see the curl. (I'm aiming to grow out my layers enough to have--reach for it!--a ponytail.)

The book emphasizes no blow-drying and conditioner, conditioner, conditioner. It says it takes about 3 weeks for soft curls to really set in. I'm on day four. With big, scary, 80's hair. I'm going to try and tough it out though. Thank God I work from home because there is no freakin' way I'd try this experiment while having to go into an office each day. (I'm not entirely sure my buoyant head of hair would fit in a cubicle, anyway.)

Blair loves the curls, which is a plus/minus. A plus, because even on days I think I look freakish, he's admiring. Minus, because his opinion on whether or not I look suitable to leave the house can't be trusted.

Hair takes up way too much time in most women's lives. It will definitely be a focus for me in the coming months, but the goal is to stand firm this summer in the hopes that once I get some length and conditioner in there, everyone will settle down and start behaving.

Of course, stay tuned to this Big Hair channel for all your curly hair updates.