Marathon Mind Meld

The Greensboro Marathon is three days away and I am all a quiver. Blair, in a most kind way, called me out for being the hypocrite that I am. I've spent months saying, "Oh, this is just a run for fun. It doesn't matter. If I walk half of it, that's fine. My time isn't important. La-dee-da."

He looked at me the other day when we were talking about the race and said, "Please. I can already tell it's 'Game On' with you."

I love a man who can read my mind.

Yes, yes, yes. Of course I'm anxious to do well. My outside, worst-case scenario is a 5 hour run. My I-hope-I can-do-it goal is to tie my time at Kiawah, which is 4:27. And my kick-ass take-no-prisoners goal is 4:15.  Where I'll fall depends on a number of variables including weather (thunderstorms are predicted), energy drinks on the course (they're using one I've never used before---always iffy trying something new on race day) and how bad the hills kick my butt. 

Regardless, I'm ready to get the fun started.  And if any of you reading this blog are in the GSO area, I'd love to have you come out and cheer on the runners. There's a course map, but all I can tell you is I'll likely run about a 9 minute mile or a bit over the first part of the course, and a 9:30 to 11 minute mile on the second, depending on how things go. If you'd like to try to station yourself at a mile marker on the course, it's a HUGE boost to see a friend cheering me on.

I just finished washing, folding, and putting away my marathon clothes for Saturday.  I did an easy 4 mile treadmill run this morning and so that's it until the race. Nothing to do now but relax and hydrate.

See you at the end of 26.2.