Temporary Halt on Animal Shelter Volunteering

Someone asked me the other day how my volunteer work was going at the Rockingham County Animal Shelter and I realized I'd never updated my blog about what happened.

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I've stopped going. It was a combination of  circumstances and just... weak will. I think the last time I blogged about the shelter, I mentioned that parvo had hit and the shelter manager had to put down almost 60 dogs, many of them puppies.

I'd been volunteering on Friday's. I was out of town the week after the parvo disaster, but showed up to volunteer the following Friday. Only the shelter was closed, because the manager was at an out-of-town conference. I returned the following Friday only to find the shelter closed again, due to the manager being out sick.  I was gone the next Friday and then the Friday after that I drove in only to find the shelter closed again for some reason I don't remember now.

It's a 30 minute drive to the shelter and although I feigned frustration at having wasted so much time and gas money, I was secretly relieved each time I drove up and found the shelter closed. I felt good about my work at the shelter but it was hard, both physically and emotionally.  I never felt like I really got the hang of the work although admittedly, I didn't stick it out very long. It was also a big time commitment, going 12:30 to 4, then coming home and showering and being exhausted and a little depressed.

Bottom line, I can come up with every excuse I want, but I just chose not to return. Being there was hard, and it was easier just not to show up. Easier not to have to think about the animals or deal with their reality. Like I said, I'm not proud, but that's the truth.

I hope I return someday soon, or at least volunteer in a different capacity--maybe grant writing, PR, or something of that nature.