First Run After the Marathon

I felt a little nervous as I approached the treadmill today. I remember feeling the same way about my first run after the Kiawah marathon. Even though all I had planned was a slow and easy three miles, I felt jittery. Like, what if I couldn't do it? Or what if it hurt so much that it made me not want to run?

[Quick side story. On Sunday after the marathon I woke up and felt great. Minimal soreness. We spent all day gardening and then went for a walk. I was like, "I am a running God.  I must be in phenomenal shape to run a marathon and feel nothing the day after!" Then I woke up Monday morning and set foot out of bed and thought, "Ohmygod." I clutched my legs and hobbled around the bedroom. Boom-a-rang karma for bragging.]

But my treadmill run this evening was fine. Nice, slow 9:30 pace to some of my favorite music. My legs felt strong and, even better, I'm breaking in new shoes and didn't even notice them. They feel like I've been running in them for weeks.

The plan is to take it easy for a couple of weeks. Have a couple of 15 mile weeks then build back up to 25 miles/week by mid-June. Mid-June to mid-July will be semi-serious training, where I'll start throwing in some hills and long runs. Then July 22nd is D-day. That's 18 weeks out from the Richmond Marathon. From there forward, it's focus, focus, focus.

I've been thinking about why I'm so taken by running and have decided it has to do with control. Hi, my name is Dena and I have control issues. (Hi, Dena!) To a great extent, I control my running. I can improve my speed and strength by a series of planned exercises. I do the work, I see the results.  It's as simple as that. This is almost in direct opposition to my life as a writer, where I do the work  and maybe, if I'm lucky and know some people, and the stars are aligned, I might kinda-sorta land an almost book deal. I do the work, but whether a payoff will occur is quite often questionable. It's one of the things about my chosen career that both frustrates and intrigues me. (Give me a challenge and dare me to back away from it. Can't be done.)

Anyway, the beany enchiladas I have in the oven are almost so done, so this concludes our deep thoughts portion of tonight's blog. Here's wishing you speed, strength, and control in your path in life.