Food On The Farm

Ah, yes. My springtime crops are coming in and I'm feasting on fresh arugula and spinach. Tomatoes and cucumbers are planted and I hope for a bumper season of squash.

Oh... I hope you don't think moi  is foraging in the dirt. Please. My thumb is so not green I all but kill produce in the store as I walk by it. No, I owe my seasonal crops to my neighbors. God love them, the people on all sides of me overplant each year and Blair and I are the beneficiaries. The phone call came in tonight from a panicked neighbor who had too much fresh spinach and didn't want to have to throw it away. Take if off your hands? Well... I suppose I could. If it would help you out.

I love how food magically appears on my doorstep each summer. Cherry tomatoes, fresh zucchini... who knows what the food fairy will bring?

I know what you're thinking. Don't I feel some guilt, being a taker without giving back? The answer is yes, I do. But those who know me know I'll have to find some way to give other then with food. Me, plants, and soil just don't mix.

Maybe I can pet sit for them or collect their mail while they're on vacation. Something with low food-poisoning potential would be good.