Weekend Work

It's Sunday afternoon, a little before 3 pm, and I sit at my desk, contemplating the same question I address almost every weekend: To work, or not to work?

On one hand, there's no reason not to. I only need a couple of hours to get on top of a project and it's not like I'm sitting around splitting the atom. Blair and I went for a run this morning, then cleaned house, read the paper, I took a 30 minute nap, and then plopped down on the couch to catch the last twenty minutes of Shakespeare in Love.  Blair is working upstairs and there's nothing preventing me from doing a bit of work and so starting the work week a step ahead.

On the other hand, I don't feel like working. And am not sure I should. It's the weekend. If I have spare time I should read or take a walk or comb the cats or, if I so choose, watch marathon back-to-back episodes of Neat Freak on Fit TV.  Even though putting in a couple of hours of work today would put me ahead for tomorrow, so what? Tomorrow isn't so cramped that--with a bit of focus and planning--I still can't fit everything in. Life-balance, right?  Monday-Fridays are for work and weekends are for relaxing, not racing to stay ahead.

Or is it all poppycock?

Okay, I'm a bit lazy. And the ironic part is that I know--absolutely know--that during the week I'll set something aside thinking, "I'll work on that this weekend when I have some uninterrupted time."

Which brings me back to my opening question: To work, or not to work?

I can't decide. What do you all think?