Boogie Board Queen

I love watching kids at the beach. Children under age 5 stand at the water's edge and scream as the remains of frothy waves come within inches of their feet.

I fit right in.

But there was a thunderstorm Tuesday night (we lost power for 2 hours) and the sea was choppy and just begging for a boogie board ride on Wednesday, so in I went.

And loved it. Admittedly, we use our boogie board more to hang out in the ocean than to ride the waves in, but the water was so stirred up it was almost impossible to ride out past the breakers without heading out to sea, so we found ourselves flung forward again and again by the waves. It became a game of watching to see when the next big wave would hit.

"Here it comes! Here it comes! No, wait. Not this one. Okay--this one! Here it comes!"

I ended up with a little motion sickness.

Back to the water's edge with the toddlers I go. =)