The End of the World...

That's what it feels like, anyway, when your computer dies. We returned from the beach yesterday to find our desktop computer glaring the message NT LDR NOT FOUND.  That means the entire loading system for the computer can't be found, so it can't even be booted.  After spending 7 hours on the road to get us home, Blair popped back in the car with the computer for the 45 minute drive to Best Buy's Geek Squad, to see what could be done.

It doesn't look promising. For $100, they will try to recover the data and for an extra $100 they'll try in 48 hours. Bet your a-- I ponied up the extra money for the fast turnaround. Good or bad, I need to know what I'm dealing with.

 This is most inconvenient as I have 3 assignments I told myself I'd work on "when I got home from the beach." Well, guess who can't access her work? The last save we did was on May 17th. (That wretching, sobbing sound you hear is me, trying not to barf.)

I've got my laptop, which is something. It doesn't have Outlook on it and all my e-mails, which is a big thing. Remote e-mail access is not my friend but I will try sucking up to it and see if we can get along for a few days.

The funny thing is, we stopped in the Apple store in Raleigh on our way home yesterday to look at Mac Books. Even before this incident, I had had it with PC's and their constant locking and rebooting. The plan was to save for a couple of Mac Books and ditch our desktop and current laptop.  With the new/used car going boom last month (we decided to install a used engine with 20,000 miles - about $2800) and the computers dying this month, the Harris' are going to be eating PB&J for awhile.

And I am going back to work.  Freelance work. I've spent the first half of this year doing some experimental writing and I've greatly enjoyed my time and am sad to see it go bye-bye, but it's time to bring in some money.

God only knows what will blow up next around here...