Mac Attack

Do the words on the page look different today? They should. They're being typed on a Mac. Yesterday afternoon Blair and I drove to Raleigh, mortgaged the cats college futures and came home with 2 apple laptops, a printer (only $25 after rebate), Time Capsule (wireless internet network), and a bunch of cables and crap I have no interest in learning about so long as Blair gets them to function properly.

I'm cautiously optimistic at this point. Things are different, although not terrible different, on the Mac and I'm trying to find my way around. My biggest heart clencher at the moment involves straightening my e-mail. My files transferred over, but I lost the folders they were in. So let's say I previously had a folder called "Dogs," and in it I had 5 different folders for 5 dog magazines, and then I had separate article folders under each of those. Now, all those messages are just listed in one big list that I have to go back and start categorizing. Ugh.

Blair and I are sitting upstairs in the green chairs, legs out on ottoman, laptop on each of our laps. Our conversation consists of me saying, "How do I..." and Blair grunting, "I'm working on it."

Love over a laptop is grand.