Go Gu Dog, Go!

I met up this morning with people from my running group and we started our run about the same time as an elite group of runners beside us. One guy in the elite group runs with a Jack Russell Terrier and I found out today that dog is capable of running 20 miles at a stretch, and takes GU (energy paste) just like humans. It's in amazing shape. The owner hooks a retractable leash to the waist of his pants and the dog runs out ahead of him.

Even more amazing is a woman I barely passed who was hauling ass uphill while pushing a monstrous baby carriage, loaded down with diaper bag, toys, and baby. She must have been pushing 50 pounds. Someone told me there are some races that have special awards for runners who push strollers. I remember at the first 5k I ever ran, there was a dad beside me pushing one-year old twins in a stroller. The start gun went off and I never saw him again. He took off. Those stroller runners are FAST.

I'm excited to start training, although the gas money to get me to and from GSO 4 days a week might kill me. I've got several goals in mind which I'll share once training starts. For now, I think my goal should be twofold:

  1. Try to keep up with the dog.
  1. Don't get passed by the lady pushing the stroller.