Work - It's Not So Bad

So I was the teensiest bit stressed all weekend. The reason is that I have an assignment due July 2nd that I was feeling a little guilty for not having started work on before we left for the beach and which I felt I didn't have time to fool with upon our return, given the computer meltdown and another big assignment that was due a week earlier.

I told myself I'd start first thing Monday and then did every task in the world to avoid working on it. Part of the problem was that I wasn't real clear on what I was supposed to be writing about, exactly, and instead of figuring that out, I decided to avoid it.

Yesterday morning I MADE myself sit down to work on it. In fact, I cleared my week to do nothing but work on this one assignment.

Which, as it turns out, is completely unnecessary. I knocked out about 3/4 of it yesterday in under 5 hours. Turns out my dread and fear of what the work would involve was actually much worse than the work itself. Which is so often the case. And which you would think, after 20 years of knocking up against this "fear it/avoid it" trait, I would have mastered by now. Picturing what might happen is almost always 10x worse than the reality of any situation.

So I'll finish my project today, ship it off, and have the rest of the week to start fretting over next month's projects.

I am nothing if not consistent. =)