Short Attention Span

I think I'm beginning to understand why I don't get any work done. Let's look at a brief snippet of Dena's workday.

I'm upstairs working on the computer. I need to get a quote from someone for an article I'm working on, so I head downstairs to get my cellphone, which I left in the living room. I grab the phone but notice Lucy sunbathing and stop to give her a little backrub. Kitty love complete, I walk into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I notice the dishwasher has run its cycle, so I quickly empty it. Then wipe off the counters.

Since I'm straightening anyway, I dip into the breakfast nook and put the placemats away, return the open magazines to the magazine rack, and wipe off the table. Which is then I notice our plant, Bobo, looking a little peaked. Back into the kitchen for water for Bobo, which makes me realize I haven't watered any of our plants lately and I might as well take care of that while I'm thinking of it.

Lucy has wandered into the kitchen by this time and is meowing at me, so we play a quick game of "chase the kibble" where I throw her food down the hall and she races after it. Since we're in the hall (where the washer/dryer is located), it occurs to me I haven't folded the towels I put in the dryer last night. That will only take 2 minutes.

Enough. I need to get some work done. I go upstairs and sit in front of my computer. And realize I need my cellphone--left downstairs--to make that call.

Here we go again...