Log Cabin Diaries - Snag #1

Although I haven't mentioned it in some time, plans are coming along for our cabin in the woods. For newcomers, my husband and I have decided that one home isn't enough and we still have too much proximity to  one another, hence the need for the second home.

Okay, there is the whole enjoying nature and escaping reality part (we're not telling ANYONE where the cabin is).  We bought 38 acres of woods about five years ago and have been dying to build on it. The site for our home overlooks a "mountain" at a state park and it's beautiful, peaceful, tranquil. (Assuming the ATV's don't show up. I'm sure there are considerate people who ride those things but frankly, I haven't run across them yet. Apparently as a group they feel NO TRESPASSING signs don't apply to them.)

But I digress. We have hit our first major snafoo in the project and it's a big one.  We selected our general contractor over a year ago. Kenny. We love Kenny. Super nice guy with years and years of contracting experience, plus he came recommended. He hasn't done log homes, but we all felt comfortable with his experience that he could handle it.

Except he called last night to say he felt he was getting into a project that was over his head, and so he is stepping aside. While we're extremely sad not to be working with him, I appreciate his backing out early in the process and not leaving us stranded later on or, even worse, sticking with it but not doing a good job.

The problem is that the bank needs detailed specifications on costs that must be provided by the general contractor and they need them yesterday.  So we're frantically looking for someone new who has an open space in their schedule NOW as the logs are supposed to be delivered in July.  All the good contractors usually have jobs planned a year in advance.

Blair is handling all of this. My stress is watching him stress.  I really want the log cabin but I have never, ever, wanted to build a home. Way too many decisions that will just fry my brain. So I'm taking a backseat, at least in the building/contractor process. I'd be just as happy to hand the reins over to someone and say, "Give me a call when it's finished, including the decorating." But I may have to become involved, at least to make some phone call inquiries.

Buckle up. Building the cabin this summer ought to be good for numerous blog entries.