What I Won't Blog About

Given my willingness to discuss body hair, finances, and a never-ending list of stupid/embarrassing things I have done and continue to do in life, you may think there is nothing I won't blog about. Au Contraire! Some mornings find me chugging decaf coffee and staring at the screen in a stupor, wishing I could write about what was going on in life but knowing there are boundaries.

Still, I thought it might be mildly entertaining to tell you what I can't/won't blog about... just so you know what you're missing. Here in no particular order then, are the untouchables. I won't blog about:

  • Clients. There are so many times when a project has blown up or an interview has been weird or an editor insane that I have been dying to race to my blog and share the funny. But even if I don't use names and keep it general, there's always the chance the person I've just interviewed or my editor might check my blog and clue in that I'm talking about them.
  • Family issues. I'll tell the lighthearted funny stuff, but my family reads this blog, so there's no dissing them. =) And while I would LOVE to offer you the dirt on Blair's family, I don't think he'd appreciate it. Therefore, I keep it nice...
  • Personal issues between Blair and myself. Like last night in bed, we... (Ha. Did I scare you honey? Kidding!!!)
  • Novels I may or may not write. I won't talk about creative writing because I'm still insecure in that area and I feel like talking about a novel I might be working on drains my mojo. (I've made the mistake of telling people about a book I want to write and have them look at me with zero enthusiasm and say, "Oh. That sounds nice." You try writing your bestseller after that reaction.)
  • Projects being considered by agents/editors. So often I have a proposal in somewhere and I'm just dying to come here and pour out all my fears, hopes, woes. But what if the agent checks out this blog and decides, "Needy and neurotic. Pass." ? Nope, nope, nope. Can't do it.

Other than that, it's an open field. So watch what you say around me. I'm always scouting for blog material and unless I work for you, am married to you, or related to you in some way...

You're fair game.