No Long Runs

I'm at the Outer Banks this week and I'm ready to melt. One hundred plus degree temps the last two days and humidity so thick it feels like breathing through a mesh net. Fool that I am, I decided I was going to do a long run in this nonsense. I headed out the door aiming for 8 miles. Ten minutes in I decided six would be a more reasonable goal. I called it quits at 4 1/2, gasping for breath and ready to sell all my worldly possessions to anyone willing to offer me a sip of ice water.  This morning was a mere 89 degrees and it felt cool by comparison.

I'm hoping to get some writing done this week. I've brought a story with me I've been working on. I like my characters but I'm weak on plot. It helps if something actually happens in a story. Just a thought.

Meanwhile, I've got waves crashing outside my window, a boogie board waiting to be tested (pray for me), and gourmet goodies in the fridge.

Life is hot, but good.