Nothing Is Ever Simple

Here's a perfect, recent example of how I back up to work and get bogged down in the process.

Kiss My Kitty Butt - More Life With Cats will most likely be published in Spring of 2009. I decided I need a temporary logo for the book, just something to put on Facebook, e-mails, etc. to start generating some excitement for the book. I asked a friend to illustrate a bored, disparaging looking cat for the logo, and I love what she came up with. I then e-mailed the logo today to my website designer, Melody Watson, and asked her to pull together a logo for me.

In thinking about the logo, I decided I wanted the web address included - Might as well get the advertising in early. I own the domain, but haven't but up a page yet. Problem. I don't want to send people to a blank page.

So I decided to ask Melody if she could redirect the domain so my web page shows up.

But that only has the old book on it. I need something on there announcing the Spring 2009 arrival of KMKB. So I asked Melody to create some sort of banner or button announcing the new book.

If I get people to go as far as the page, I don't want to lose them. So I need to include an e-mail address where they can either pre-order the book or be put on a list to be alerted when the book is available. I'm debating if I want to use, or, or

You see the mess? I went from one quick e-mail asking for a logo to suddenly needing a domain name redirect, banner announcement, new e-mail address, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

When I sat down, I thought it would be to shoot off a two second e-mail to Melody. It turned into a page of text that ended with, "You know what? Just call me and let's discuss."

For obvious reasons, I make sure to stay on her good side...