Crap, Crappity, Crap

What's the point in having a blog if one can't vent? It's almost 10:30 on Monday morning, and I'm sitting in Caribou Coffee all set to get to work on a book proposal that needs done, like, yesterday. I've got two and a half hours until my Masterminds Marketing meeting but just realized (drumroll, please)... I left at home the entire folder I need for the meeting which includes all the handouts and info for my portion of a presentation on author videos.

 This means I get to hurry my ass home, grab the materials, and drive back into Greensboro. Truly, I love wasting $30 worth of gas and an hour and a half drive time on a stupid mistake. No writing time now--and I had a "come to Jesus" talk with myself this weekend about getting my act together and getting some real work done.

I'm upset, but looking for that blue sky. As in, at least I realized I'd left the materials at home in time to go fetch them. That's something, right? Right? I'm also ticked because I pride myself on being organized. I don't know if it's perimenopause, laziness, or the gods are conspiring against me, but my focus, energy, and organization has been for crap for several months now. 

So... I just choked down a multigrain bagel (blue sky again: I wanted a doughnut!) and getting ready to pull the plug and head home. 

I read a quote this morning: "It's not the world's fault you wanted to be an artist. Now get to work."