Lucy_Cat Now On Twitter!

Do you Twitter? Do you want to?

lucycatontwitter-kissbutt.jpgTwitter, for those not in the know, is the new crack cocaine of the IM world. In an nutshell, Twitter asks the question, "What are you doing?" People answer in 140 words or less and their responses are sent to anyone who is following them (i.e., anyone who has signed up to receive their posts). 

 Against my better judgement, I have allowed Lucy to open an account on Twitter. (She thinks it's some sort of "Send me the bird of the month" club.) I invite all blog readers to sign up on Twitter to follow Lucy_Cat's posts. Here's a sampling of her recent answers to the question, "What are you doing?"


  • "Stalking the stupid kitten..."
  • "Shredding what used to be known as the living room curtains."
  • "Hiding under the bed. Shhh...."
  • "Mentally willing my owners to bring me tuna. BRING ME TUNA."

Go to to sign up and then search for Lucy_Cat. Or, the link is You do have to register but there is no spam--promise. 

I figure no one cares what I'm up to, but EVERYONE surely wants to know what my cat is doing. Duh--no brainer. 

So c'mon... help me make my cat famous. Twitter today!

P.S. Very cool Twitter graphic from uber-cool web designer Melody Watson.