F-F-Freaking Out

Who exactly do I need to see about stopping time? OMG, so much work to be done. Did I really spend my night watching The Next Food Network Star Challenge? Am I really that lame? Or is it just a bad dream...?

The good news: I have a literary agency interested in seeing a book proposal and sample chapters from me on a new cat book. (Not Kiss My Kitty Butt. Different book.)  The really good news is that the agency responded in a short time frame to my query letter sent out on the book. They are taking on new clients in September, so I need to get this proposal and chapters out to them no later than mid-August--and that's pushing it.

The challenge: When I sent the query, I did so with the expectation of having to wait the traditional 2-4 months to hear anything. I had just started writing my proposal when I heard from the agent. As for the book--a couple of sample snippets are written but there are miles (miles, people) to go.

The hope: I have busted my (kitty) butt this week pulling together what I think is a stellar proposal. Or what is shaping up to be one. A friend of mine who ghostwrites proposals for a living is critiquing my work and she's on me to dig, dig, dig and make it better, better, better. Stats, specifics, humor, details... this thing has to be spot on. I just got her latest feedback. I thought I was 90% done but ha--shows what I know. After reading her suggestons, I'm sweating bullets at the work still to be done. I'd estimate I just dropped back to 70% done.

The freaking out part: I'm out of town at the end of this week and need to devote some long hours to articles that are already on tap. But it's crucial I get drafts of the chapters down on paper. Humor on demand is hard work and I need time to let the work sit in order to go back and hone it. I see a lot of late nights in my future. (Or realistically, early mornings. NOT a night person.)

The awesome part: I am LOVING this. Love the pressure, love the work, am having loads and loads of fun cranking this out. I am creating a career out of writing about cats. 

That makes me a happy, happy camper.