Chocolate Special K

Part of the fun of visiting people or having them visit you is you're exposed to that person's or family's eating habits. Most of us tend to buy the same foods week after week--our favorite chips or granola bars, same 'ol fruit and veggies, our favorite spaghetti sauce, cola drink, or boxed pasta.

I told you how much fun it was to come back from the Outer Banks and find our housesitter had left lager and chocolate-peanut butter ice-cream behind. Bonus! I never buy those things for myself and so had a little kitchen holiday inside the home. I had a similar experience yesterday with some CHOCOLATE Special K my niece had left behind.

When we went to the store and she picked up the box of CHOCOLATE Special K my first thought was "gross." That thought didn't change when I watched her pour it in a bowl and eat it. Dark chocolate chunks mixed with a high protein corn cereal? Sure, that or snot. Both sound about equally appealing.

But hunger makes us do strange things. Yesterday afternoon I was starving and out of desperation, poured a small bowl of the cereal just to try it before I threw the box out. Oh. My. God. You're going to need to send me to detox to pull me off this stuff. It's chocolate! And cereal! In the words of the iconoclastic Rachel Ray--"Yum-O!"

It boils down to the fact that I am a chocolate whore. Pour it on top of lima beans and I'll eat it. I think I had 3 bowls of Chocolate Special K yesterday. I'm focusing on the "Special K" part and mentally chanting, "It's good for me!" while simultaneously shoving small chunks of dark chocolate down my throat. 

If only I had some lager with which to wash it down...