Vegetable Curry In A Crockpot. (You heard me--CROCKPOT.)

Yeah, I'm crockpotting today. Soaking some veggies for 7 hours and hoping it turns out edible.

There were crockpot incidents along the way. The first being that my crockpot (which is my mom's orange crockpot from many, many years ago. The handle is broken off so I have to use pliers to turn the settings from low to high to off, but great sentimental value) wasn't big enough for the recipe. But I was dumping veggies in as I went - chopped onion, chick peas, 4 cups butternut squash, red pepper, etc. and it wasn't until I got to the second to last ingredient that I realized it wasn't going to all fit. So I dumped everything into a big bowl and tried to take out even proportions of each veggie so it would all still balance in the end.

This never happens on Rachel Ray's show. (Then again, Rachel probably also doesn't hack a butternut squash to pieces like it's the golden girl in some horror flick.)

So now... we wait. I'm resisting the urge to stir the crockpot. That's the whole point of crockpotting--you put it in and walk away. But maybe just one stir. Just to make sure things are cooking evenly.

If this doesn't work out, no worries. I made a chilled mango noodle salad last night that was supposed to serve 4, but the Asian rice expanded when cooked and I could feed half of Asia with the leftovers I've got in my fridge.

I'll probably get offered my own cooking show in the near future. "Dena's Kitchen Disasters and How to Fix Them." Stay tuned.