Shopping For My 20th Reunion

Ooh, Momma did some damage in the stores today. I'm not fond of shopping and only go out about twice a year but when I do, I bring back the motherload.

Today started with a visit to my hair dresser for highlights. She then proceeded to blow my hair out perfectly straight. WILD. I kept glancing in the mirror, trying to figure out who I reminded myself of and then it hit me: my sister. We look absolutely nothing alike but with the poker straight hair (sorry, sis) there was actually a resemblance. I'd love to keep the straight hair but it would involve about $80 worth of product and 45 minutes manual labor, daily, to make it happen. I get bored waiting the two minutes for the hot water for my tea to boil, so it's probably not going to happen.

I proceeded to the stores (slowly, blowing straight hair out of my eyes) and paid a visit to Black & White. Found a top that may work for dress-up night although I'm concerned it looks like I'm trying a little too hard. Gold lame doesn't go out of style, does it? (You think I'm kidding...)

On to Ann Taylor where I found a pair of white silk pants that may go with the top but even if they don't, they were on sale and make my ass look fabulous. Sold!

Then to Paparazzi. Overpriced, but I love this store. It's unique clothing that stands out. I found an adorable top, jeans, and earrings for Friday's bar-casual night.

Thank God that's over. I was not looking forward to a week of shopping and I think I got everything I need in under three hours. Sweet.

Now I just need a headband to get this stringy straight hair out of my face. =)