Back On The Air - Seeking ideas for Radio Show

I used to host my own radio show on 1420 WMYN, Madison/Mayodan - 1490 WLOE, Eden/Reidsville . My show was called "People with Passion" (I know, I know... I cringe just hearing it) and I interviewed people from around Rockingham County who were doing unusual things, or had jobs/hobbies they were passionate about. I stopped doing the show because it got to be too much work--finding someone to interview, convincing them that yes, it would be fun to be on the radio, coming up with questions to ask them and filler in case they froze and didn't talk enough, etc. My writing schedule was filling up and for the payoff, I didn't feel like the timing was right for the show.

This morning I received a call from the station manager (who, btw, is the nicest man in the world), stating they had a time slot to fill and would I be interested in coming back? I've still got a lot going on but, for promotional reasons, this might be a good time to start the show again. And I can pick whatever focus/topic I want for my time slot. It needs to be somewhat community oriented but they're pretty lenient with that aspect.

So here's my question: What should be the focus of my radio show?

Ideally, I'd love for the show to focus around pets and/or writing. The show is monthly, which helps in that I don't have to come up with fresh content each week. But it is a 30-minute program to fill. People do call in, but it can be a challenge. Older audience (am radio) demographics. I'm blanking on how I might talk about pets for 30 minutes per show. Writing is a little easier, in that I could invite different authors to the show to talk about their work, their writing process, etc. That's an option. But if any of you have ideas, I'd LOVE to hear them. Post here or e-mail me at