Hill Runs

I think running is bringing me closer to God. Specifically, I spend the majority of my running time attempting to bribe my way into God's good favor in the hopes he/she will make the pain go away...

We ran hills last night. There's a .5 mile incline we run and yesterday we did 5 repetitions. I can pull myself through the first and last on sheer motivation. The middle ones present the challenge. That's when I strike up a dialogue with God.

Hill Rep #2: "God? Sorry for the way I look and smell at the moment, but I need to talk to you. Every rational cell in my body is telling me to STOP RUNNING so I need your help getting to the top, okay? Thanks."

Hill Rep #3: "Dear God: Perhaps I wasn't clear in my last missive. I am in freakin' misery down here and am asking for a little help. Nothing much. Just, like, maybe you could give me temporary superhero powers for the next 20 minutes? That would rock. As do you. Much love."

Hill Rep #4: "I will donate all my belongings to charity and minister to the poor every Sunday and never curse again if you will just let me get up this *&$#@**! hill. Aw, crap."

But I made it. We all did. It's soooo much easier doing this with a running group. Misery loves company. And there is nothing like running hills to make you strong for a marathon. It will all pay off in November.