Working is Good for the Waist

Here is an unforseen plus to my week of work... I'm eating next to nothing. At home, I'm a chronic snacker. Easy access to the fridge means noshing every 20-30 minutes. This week, however, I've eaten only my lunch on my lunch break. And haven't felt deprived in the least.

Which goes to show I'm eating at home out of habit, not need. Sure, there were a couple of times where I thought, "I could eat," but I drank some water and got back into the work and forgot about it. Drinking gobs of water, which is good. Helps with the runs on days like today when we'll be out in the hot sun.

I am, however, ready to spend an evening at home. I had a meeting Monday night and ran Tues-Thursday nights, not getting home until 8. Way too much time out and about for an introvert like me. The cats are freaked out, wondering where the h*** all the daily love and attention went. They've gone from pouting to pleading to slightly menacing at this point.

I've got LOADS of work to do this weekend. Pretty much plan to devote all day Saturday to work in the hopes of finding some free time to spend with Blair (and the cats) on Sunday. God willing, there is a thick newspaper, a snoozing cat, and a large pot of coffee to split with my husband in my future on Sunday.