Finally, A Good Run

After a week of crappy runs, I finally had a good one last night. I ran a little over 4 miles at or just under a 9 minute pace, and felt good doing it. Felt good, but sounded scary. About 2 miles into the run, all the flem started bouncing around at the bottom of my throat and felt like it was actually blocking part of my windpipe. So I start coughing and hacking in an attempt to loosen it.

Aaaaacccccckkkkkk. Rrrrrrrcccccchhhhaaacccccc. Aaaaaauuuck. COUGH-COUGH-COUGH. Rrrrggrrrrhhh...ACK!

Chris, the guy running in front of me, stopped at one point to turn around and make sure I was okay. I'm sure I sounded like I was either about to collapse or was being mugged. Either way, nice of him to check on me. =)

Sunday is 11 miles so I'm going to do an easy 3 on Saturday and then get some rest this weekend and see if I can't get the rest of this cough to go away. I think it might be allergies. I sound like I've got a pack a day smoker's cough, but other than that feel fine in every way.

Happy Friday.