My trail run is rained out this morning and I'm not complaining in the least. We've again been in drought conditions and the hard, steady rain we've had for the last 14 hours is most welcome. Yesterday in the coffeehouse, I noticed I wasn't the only one pausing in my work to turn and stare out the windows at the thick, wet sheets coming down. Everyone looked cheerful as they gazed at the gray skies.

In fact, a day spent inside writing while I listen to rain fall on the roof and puddle outside sounds perfect. Right now it's a little before 6 am and I'm sitting in a darkened living room, typing and listening to the rain hit the tin chimney covers as well as bounce off the sidewalks. Lucy is circling around my feet (Play with me! Pet me! Feed me!) and Olivia is in hiding because we put her monthly flea medicine on her last night and it will take at least 24 hours for her to fully trust us again. We'll nab Lucy tonight but poor pudgy girl is easier to catch and not much of a challenge.

It's supposed to rain all week. Fingers crossed it happens.