An Anti-Technology Day

So okay. It's one of those days. A day when everything I come in contact with shorts out, stalls, explodes, implodes, or otherwise goes kaput.

It started with the coffee pot. When I poured my morning java, I noticed it was lukewarm even though the pot was "on." I thought maybe the pot had slipped off the burner but no, an hour later when I returned for a refill, still lukewarm. 

Next came the printers. That's right, printers. We have three of them. All of which I managed to shut down in a 7-minute time frame. First "my" printer jammed and it's a doozy. I can't even begin to get the paper out of it. I abandoned it and sent my material to the upstairs printer. Only when I went to retrieve my one page printout, the printer was spewing out sheet after sheet of blank paper. 10 pages, 20, 50... it wouldn't stop. I checked my laptop and Blair's and neither of us showed anything in the que other than my 1 page job. Still the printer kept going. I switched it off and back on which stopped the paper spewing, but which also apparently disconnected the printer from the wi-fi, as it is no longer responding to print commands from my laptop.

On to printer number three which--oh, and here's a surprise--said it was having trouble connecting to my laptop. Uh-huh. I know when I'm screwed. I am not touching jack when it comes to technology for the rest of the day. All I can do is hope whatever static-electric charge flows through my body this morning is gone by tomorrow. Otherwise I fear for the lives of our TV, cordless phone, and waffle maker.

I'm just going to go huddle in a corner for the rest of the day with a pad of paper and glass of water for sustenance. I'll see all of you tomorrow (assuming I haven't blown the house up by accident).