Adorable Kitties for Adoption

A friend sent me an e-mail, asking if I might pass on a photo and information on to anyone interested in adopting a kitten. A stray gave birth to these cats near an office. The friend of my friend rounded up all the kittens including the mom and paid for all the vet services including spay/neuter. She is asking for references to make sure the cats go to good homes.

Stupid allergies! I want the kitties! Look how precious... I miss the kitten stage (she said as the black and white blob on the floor stared resentfully up at her.) Anyway, here is the picture and info on the kitties is below.

Starting at the front and moving clockwise...
MooMoo - Male. He is small but has a very curious and playful personality. He is friendly and loving. He has short hair.
Asia - Female - Solid Gray - She is the one who was never afraid of people at all. On her first night at home she was rubbing against my leg, letting me pet and love on her, sticking her little tale and butt in the air and purring like a motor boat. She is the leader of the pack and is setting the stage for the others that people are good. She is short haired.
Jessie -  Female - Gray/white - She is the runt. She is cautious still but loves to have her legs massaged. She will lay on her back in my lap and go totally to sleep. She is short haired.
Smokey - Male - He is becoming more trusting everyday. He watches and sits arms length away to be touched and gradually petted. He has a very sweet, timid personality. He has medium length hair.
Gaicomo (pronounced jock o mo) - Male - He is the big boy of the bunch. He loves to play, he's still a little shy but loves to be petted and also falls out when he gets a leg massage. He is a beautiful boy and has medium to long hair.
Casper - Male - larger gray/white is of the last litter we trapped and found homes for. He was the only boy and remains at large. His Mom was smart enough to get them through a tornado that ripped through our parking lot when he and his sisters were just 3 weeks old. He inherited her sensibilities. He is a friendly feral and knows his name but he will only come so close and has watched us trap so he's very aware of what the contraption is...

I don't have the woman's permission to post her e-mail, so if you or someone you know would like more information, e-mail me and I'll get the contact info to you.