Recipe Organizer

I need help. Our recipe folders are gasping for an organizational system and I can't find one that works.

Here's the deal. Right now, we have two folders. The green folder is filled with "Recipes we'd like to try but haven't made yet." The red folder is filled with the "We've made them and like them" keepers. We also have a recipe book but I'm not a fan. Most of the recipes we pull are from magazines and there are so many ingredients and instructions that to transcribe the recipe would take forever. I also like keeping the picutre of the dish with the recipe (it helps me at the end to compare my creation with the photo to see if I've even come close.)

One problem is our recipes are all different shapes and sizes. Some we'll cut off boxes or let's say the cous-cous will have a recipe tucked into the bottom of it. Others are 8.5 x 11 pages ripped from magazines.

All I've come up with for organization is buying a three ring binder and plastic protective covers and sticking the keepers in there.