If It hasn't been worn in 2 years...

I did a major closet purge this week. Went through and pulled anything I hadn't worn in 2 years. There was a lot. The purging process gave me two insights into how I deal with clothes and, perhaps, life.  

  1. I hold on to things that I used to love wearing, even if they're now old, worn, or out of style. Seeing the items reminds me how happy I was when I used to wear it and I convince myself I'll find another use for it again.
  2. If I paid a decent amount of money for something, I'll hold on to it no matter how ugly or unbecoming in the hopes that someday it will transform into exactly the piece I need and justify my decision to have spent money on it in the first place. 

No more! I went through and got rid of clothes that were expensive and rarely worn or that were beloved but out of style. I filled 3 large trashbags, one of which was almost entirely shoes and purses. My friend Sarah Jane (yes, she of the former Sarah Jane boutique!) came over and helped me with some decisions and also showed me how to put some pieces together for new looks. She also offered tips on what to look for (teal) and what to avoid (my apparent love of all things purple and a shocking amount of bland oat-beige clothing). 

In an ideal world, I'd prefer to avoid thinking about clothes. I don't like to shop and I don't want to spend time pulling "looks" together. Which actually was the point behind the purging exercise. I'd like to get my closet down to only those items that fit, look good, and I know what to do with them. It's a dream, but possibly one within my grasp.