Surround Yourself With Positive People

I have amazing friends. Sadly, I think I take their presence in my life for granted far too often. I forget that not everyone is surrounded by people who are supportive and encouraging. Just read interviews with famous actors, authors, or entrepreneurs. They all seem to talk about how no one thought they would make it and how they were (kindly and well-meant) told how they were just chasing a dream and ought to give it up and go live in the real word.

People, I write about cat poo for a living. If anyone should be told, "Sweetheart, it just ain't gonna happen," it's probably me. And yet I find myself in the middle of people who encourage me, are excited for me, believe in me... their presence in my life is just an incredible daily gift. I'm lucky in that on the days when I can't believe in myself, I've got 50 people waiting in line to say, "That's okay. I believe in you for you."

I love that my friends cover such a wide array. They are writers, runners, mothers, fathers, young, old(er!), artsy, linear, employed, unemployed, single, married, gay, straight, entrepreneurs, dreamers, realists, democrats, republicans, musicians, actors, poets, business people, carpenters, geeks, jocks, cat lovers, dog lovers, opinionated, passive, guy, girl, entertainers, bad cooks, elegant dressers, humble, cocky, rich, poor... the list goes on.

This past week I've spent more time than usual in group meetings or one-on-one sessions or on the phone with people and after every encounter I've walked away thinking, "I'm really lucky to have these people in my life." 

Here's a small but fun example of how friends brighten my life. As you may or may not be aware, the Chicago Marathon is next week. (Snicker. As if you could read this blog and NOT be aware...) My friend Lisa brought me a gift bag on Saturday when we met for my last long run before the race. She'd filled the bag with energy drinks, energy bars, jelly beans, cookies, etc. -- all vegan! It was that little "vegan" extra that touched me. I was touched that she went to any effort but the fact that she went out of her way to remember I'm trying to go vegan and support that was so sweet. As was the handmade "Good luck!" card she included. Other friends have offered to organize good luck dinners or are already planning celebration get-togethers.

Whether I'm talking with friends about marketing concepts, discussing ways to raise money for an animal shelter, or just meeting for coffee to chat and talk about life, I'm so pleased at the company I'm surrounded by. Good people with big hearts, infectious laughs, fun ideas, solid morals, and a respect for themselves and other people. 

I'm truly blessed to call them friends.