LOST: One Writer's Notebook

My plans for this last blog entry before I leave for Chicago was to write a funny yet touching summary/run-down of where I stand in physical and mental preparation for the race. Instead, I'm having heart palpitations for entirely different reasons. I have misplaced and or LOST my writer's notebook. That would be the notebook in which I've outlined every aspect of my YA novel - character descriptions, plot lines, motivations, partially written scenes... I can barely write about the possibility of having lost those pages without wanting to throw up.

Here's the deal:  I had a critique group meeting today and instead of carrying in my laptop bag, I pulled out the orange folder and spiral bound notebook containing my work and carried only those in. I thought I remembered carrying them back out to my car, but I hope I'm making that up. The reason being, if I took them out to my car, chances are strong I left them on top of my car as I drove away. Which means they're scattered to the winds and God knows where. 

What I'm praying happened instead is that I left the notebooks inside our meeting room. I stopped to admire a friend's new I-Phone on the way out, and I set the folders down on a coffee table. I've spent the last hour making "I'll never curse again and dedicate my life to helping the poor" deals with God if they'll still be there. 

I have a friend going back to the meeting room tonight and he's going to call and let me know at 6 if they're there or not. 

Enough time for me to toss a few more "Hail-Mary" passes God's way.