Who are these MadMayo Runners...?

MMRC inaugural runners - Dena, Tamara, Josh, "I cast no shadow" Iris, and BlairThere's a new sheriff in town pawdner, and... wait. Wrong genre. Try again.

Huzzah! There's a new running group in Western Rockingham County and you're invited to join. Don't live here? Doesn't matter. Like most runners, we only formed this group for the chance to get cool t-shirts. 

What are MadMayo runners? In the interest of my having to do as little work as possible, here is information stolen from our cool new website:

MadMayo Running Club was founded one evening in November 2009 over a table of lattes in downtown Madison’s popular Dan River Coffee House. Lofty goals were proclaimed and seconded by charter members, most of which were promptly forgotten in the next day’s latte-induced insomniac haze. The one idea that stuck was to get Rockingham County runners of all ages and abilities together for regular group runs. By everyone, we mean everyone: kids and seniors, gym rats and folks battling middle-age spread, fast and slow, marathoners and beginners. If we left you off that list, well, you’re invited too.

The first group run was endured, er, enjoyed at 7 a.m. on November 7 at Farris Park. For some of us, rising early, much less rising and running on a 30-degree morning, was and remains the biggest challenge of all (cough—Iris—cough). The one-mile loop was circumnavigated between five and eight times by the intrepid MMRCers, stopping at the end for a quick pre-hypothermic photo and a vow for more group runs. The website spontaneously appeared—poof!—and the next run (11/21, yo!) magically scheduled and publicized itself. And the rest will be history…we hope.

The MadMayo Mission: Running for Everyone in Rockingham County

MMRC welcomes runners, joggers, trotters, and walkers of all ages and abilities. From beginning runners to hardcore marathoners, everyone’s invited. We’re based in Madison/Mayodan in Rockingham County, but members can live anywhere. Want an MMRC shirt? Click here to buy one—pick your style, color, even add custom text! Watch this site for scheduled group runs and club meetings and feel free to show up, or email MadMayo Running Club.