No Time To Blog

My apologies for the slow blog week. The days keep slipping away from me. For about two weeks now I've been walking around thinking, "By tomorrow I'll be caught up." You'd think at some point I'd clue in that I'm lying to myself, but it turns out I'm pretty gullible...

What have I been up to? Survey says:

  •  Art Council Open House. I sit on the board of the Rockingham County Arts Council and we're launching a kickoff gallery party on Sunday, December 13th, from 1-5 at the Dan River Art Gallery in Wentworth. Lots of meetings, planning, phone calls, editing brochures and invitations, etc. 
  • Along with that, I discovered that I am the worst fundraiser on the planet. Yes, on the entire planet. I had to make some fundraising calls and made myself sick over them. Sat down, fretted, picked up the phone, put it back down, fumed that I'd agreed to do this in the first place, picked the phone back up, copped an attitude and decided I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to... it was a LO-ooo-NG couple of days. Finally made the calls an hour before my committee meeting. Never again. 
  • Formatting my manuscript to submit to my editor. A longer and more tedious process than one might think. (But still totally fun as I remind myself what I'm doing. MY manuscript! MY editor! Still find it hard to believe.) 
  • APSRC stuff - I spent 4 hours this past Saturday at Petco, holding the leash on various ADORABLE dogs for adoption. My favorite of the group, Hilton, broke my heart as no one showed any interest in him. He is just kind of a mutt but what a lover. He was so happy to be out of his cage from the shelter and sat by my feet and accepted belly scratches from me all day. Very excited and playful outside and just an all around great dog. I really hope someone recognizes what a cool dog he is and gives him a home with lots of love. 
  • Meetings - writing groups, running groups, workshops, one-on-ones with friends and networking... those little one hour meetings pile atop one another and add up.
  • Cooking. I'm actually cooking a meal almost every night. It's great and I enjoy it, but it also eats up another hour of my time every day.

Add in running, yoga, chiropractic appointments and training sessions and there goes the week. I'm not complaining... I love everything I'm spending my time on. I'm just left feeling stretched too thin at the moment. Unfortunately, looking ahead, nothing much changes. Every single Saturday in December is booked at this point. I'll find more time to blog though, promise.

And hopefully something a bit more entertaining next time than a list. =)