Greensboro Gobbler 2009

Posing and talking smack before the race...We mixed it up around here this Thanksgiving. Instead of popping out of bed at 6 AM to start cooking, we popped out of bed at 6 AM and hauled ourselves to Greensboro for the 8th annual Greensboro Gobbler 5K run. The race is two laps around Country Park, with cheerful little signs along the route reminding runners that "Turkey & Stuffing = 1000 calories" and "1 Slice Pecan Pie = 500 calories." Thank you for that. 

I won my age group (although I suspect all the sensible people my age were at home eating, as God intended) and Blair had a great race for his first 5K, coming in well ahead of his expected pace. 

The MadMayo Runners made a strong show - you can read the race report here

Will this be a new tradition? Hard to tell. I missed the smell of sweet potatoes wafting through the house by 8 AM. 

The smell of dried sweat just isn't the same...