May The Force (And the Geek) Be With You

Yes, we're geeks. We get it. 

Saturday we went with my niece and her family to the Carolina Renaissance Festival, complete with jousting tournaments, everyday spectators who arrive in full Renaissance regalia, and  disgusting 2 lb. roasted turkey legs that everyone walks around gnawing on, leaving a trail of dripping grease behind them. (Shockingly, medieval times weren't vegetarian friendly.)  

Items for sale included every metal and carved incarnation of dragon, fairy, and gnome. We didn't do the full geek out, which would have required renting costumes for the day, but I can't say we weren't tempted. Something about even standing near corsets and hoop skirts turns my brain to mush and makes me think, "Yes... this IS accetable!" 

It gets worse. After we left the festival, we continued into downtown Charlotte for the Star Wars in Concert event. All the Star Wars music played by a live orchestra with choir backup, choreographed with laser lights and clips from the movie shown on a huge theatre screen. 

The best part was getting to see the costumes and props from the actual movies. Check out me with my first true crush - Han Solo. 

Then there's Blair with Chewbacca and C3PO and me with a Natalie Portman Queen of Naboo costume. Does life get any sweeter?