Groundhog Gallop 2009

This was just an incredibly busy weekend. It's 9:20 on Sunday night and I'm just now home and trying to process it all.

Saturday morning was spent at the 2009 Groundhog Gallop Trail 1/2 Marathon. I'd never run a trail half marathon and wasn't sure what to expect. I also hadn't gotten around to running 13 miles, period, since my November marathon, and hoped my legs would hold out. I was thinking I'd run a 2 hour 15 minute half, maybe 2:10 if I felt good. I ended up crossing the finish line at 1:59:03, first in my age group for women, so I was quite pleased. My friend Neal and I ran the last 6 miles together and were by ourselves for a good stretch. We ended up chatting like we would on a normal training run which made the miles melt away. I should have some pictures to post from the site in a day or two.

Today was an Animal Protection Society of Rockingham County (APSRC) meeting. I transported a four-month old black and white kitten to the meeting to be fostered by one of our volunteers. The woman who gave her up was moving and couldn't take him. ADORABLE little girl kitty. Silky fur, soft mews, and wide eyes that gazed out at me from her carrier as I drove. Oh, how I wanted to take her home! I am not meant to transport animals. Even knowing I was taking her to a foster home broke my heart. I just wanted to take her home and hold and cuddle and love and spoil her--for life.

We had a lively meeting and covered a lot of ground which, as secretary, I have about 5 pages of notes to transcribe and send out. After the meeting I drove into GSO for our quarterly writers group meeting where we all report on our projects, writing status, blocks, highs/lows, etc. It's wonderful to be surrounded by the energy of a group of people who share the same passion as you.

I stopped at the store on the way home to pick up salmon for Salmon Pastry Puffs but the fish counter was closed at 8 PM. Who knew?

I've checked e-mail, combed Lucy, Facebooked (yes, I just made that a verb), Twittered, and now I'm going to go plunk my tired self into bed. Tomorrow it all starts anew.