My Day Started In The Trash. And Yours?

Coffee grounds... kitty fur... banana peel... used tissues... dental floss... remnants of last night's dinner...

That's what I was digging through around 6:30 AM. How'd your day start?

Blair had an associate from Korea (Korea? I think that's right.) call this morning about 5:30. Blair grabbed his Blackberry, set the case aside, and took the call.

When he went to leave the house--no case. We searched EVERYWHERE. He'd been feeding the fish when the call came in, so we were even scanning the tank to see if he'd dropped it in there. After looking in obvious places, we started looking in the fridge, in the cat toy box, his robe, the bed, the cupboard where we keep the cleaning supplies... Trust me when I say we took 20 minutes and tore this house apart. And still, nothing.

"What about the trash bag?" said Blair, referring to the bag I'd already taken to the curb. 

"Didn't I take that out before you got your call?" I asked.

"No, you started emptying trash cans around the house while I was on the phone."

Outside I went, bringing the trash bag back in the house. We opened it in the kitchen and proceeded to sort through it. Yuck, yuck and yuck. Thankfully, we found the case not too far down. A thorough washing with hot water and Blair was on his way. 

The good thing about digging through trash in the  morning is it's really hard for your day to go downhill from there. 

I hope.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.